Utility is supply of water, water treatment and waste treatment. In a state like California 10% of the energy is used in the water utility services. This means that if those 10% could be energy neutral, California would have achieved environmentally friendly success for a big part of their energy usage.

A Clean Energy Score of 80% for a water treatment plant means that 80% of the energy that is used comes from renewable sources like biogas. Biogas is produced in the wastewater treatment process but also solar and wind energy can be part of the mix.

In a country like Denmark the water sector is leading the green energy transition compared with many other countries. Some wastewater treatment plants has already become more than energy neutral, they generate more energy than they use. How is this possible?

By showing each treatment plant and their Clean Energy Score their results can be compared and the agencies can begin to learn from each other and find the treatment plants that they match best with. When they have found like-minded plants utility agencies can find out what technologies that makes them more environmentally friendly.


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