Energy is used for electricity, heat & cool and transport. Many cities and companies have stated that they want to be 100% energy neutral on the energy side. Most often this refers to the use of electricity. When you include heat and transport the story is a different one.

The Clean Energy Score includes all energy that is used and if it does not, it is communicated what it included. Most often the Clean Energy Score is communicated for a production process, a building or a part of some bigger operation. This way it is easier to compare how energy and environmentally friendly something is.

When a process has a high Clean Energy Score it is fair to say that they machinery and equipment used in the process help to achieve a good score. So the supply that is part of the operation can be shown as part of the explanation for the great score.

Supply like control technology, pumps, motors and batteries are factors that makes up a high Clean Energy Score in a given operation and production process.

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